Vueling arrivals Barcelona Airport (BCN)

Vueling Barcelona BCN airport arrivals allow to check status of Vueling flight arrivals at Barcelona-El Prat Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Currnety Time at Barcelona airport is 21:17 PM 2021-06-14

No. Arrival Origin Status
VY3003 20:05 (LPA) Gran Canaria Las Palmas In_Gate
VY2112 20:10 (AGP) Malaga Landed
VY2217 20:25 (SVQ) Seville In_Gate
VY3915 20:35 (PMI) Palma - Majorca In_Gate
VY3517 20:40 (IBZ) Ibiza In_Gate
VY6103 21:00 (FCO) Rome Fiumicino Landed
VY2223 21:05 (SVQ) Seville In_Gate
VY3921 21:55 (PMI) Palma - Majorca Scheduled
VY3727 22:30 (MAH) Menorca Scheduled
VY3519 22:35 (IBZ) Ibiza Scheduled
VY1817 23:05 (MUC) Munich Scheduled
VY1291 23:10 (LCG) A Coruña Scheduled
VY1573 23:10 (OVD) Asturias Scheduled
VY2221 23:10 (SVQ) Seville Scheduled
VY1873 23:15 (CPH) Copenhagen Out_Gate
VY1435 23:15 (BIO) Bilbao Scheduled
VY8561 23:20 (KEF) Reykjavik Keflavik In_Air
VY1705 23:25 (VGO) Vigo Scheduled
VY1885 23:25 (BER) Berlin Brandenburg Scheduled
VY6337 23:25 (MXP) Milan Malpensa Scheduled
VY3209 23:30 (TFN) Tenerife North Out_Gate
VY6613 23:30 (BRI) Bari Scheduled
VY2118 23:30 (AGP) Malaga Scheduled
VY2017 23:30 (GRX) Granada Scheduled
VY3719 23:35 (MAH) Menorca Scheduled
VY1009 23:35 (MAD) Madrid Scheduled
VY8305 23:35 (AMS) Amsterdam Scheduled
VY8985 23:35 (BRU) Brussels International Scheduled
VY1678 23:50 (SCQ) Santiago de Compostela Scheduled
VY3919 23:50 (PMI) Palma - Majorca Scheduled
VY3523 00:05 (IBZ) Ibiza Scheduled
VY7821 00:20 (LGW) London Gatwick Scheduled
VY8463 00:25 (LIS) Lisbon Scheduled
VY3505 08:00 (IBZ) Ibiza Scheduled
VY1303 08:10 (ALC) Alicante Scheduled
VY1423 08:10 (BIO) Bilbao Scheduled
VY3907 08:35 (PMI) Palma - Majorca Scheduled
VY2215 08:40 (SVQ) Seville Scheduled
VY3903 09:30 (PMI) Palma - Majorca Scheduled
VY3525 09:40 (IBZ) Ibiza Scheduled
VY3713 09:45 (MAH) Menorca Scheduled
VY1001 10:20 (MAD) Madrid Scheduled
VY1293 11:10 (LCG) A Coruña Scheduled
VY1221 11:10 (LYS) Lyon Scheduled
VY3715 11:25 (MAH) Menorca Scheduled
VY2114 11:35 (AGP) Malaga Scheduled
VY3507 11:45 (IBZ) Ibiza Scheduled
VY8007 11:50 (ORY) Paris Orly Scheduled
VY8461 12:00 (LIS) Lisbon Scheduled
VY8301 12:40 (AMS) Amsterdam Scheduled
VY1674 12:40 (SCQ) Santiago de Compostela Scheduled
VY2110 12:55 (AGP) Malaga Scheduled
VY2473 13:45 (ACE) Lanzarote Scheduled
VY1571 14:05 (OVD) Asturias Scheduled
VY3703 14:10 (MAH) Menorca Scheduled
VY8101 14:15 (ATH) Athens International Scheduled
VY3909 14:20 (PMI) Palma - Majorca Scheduled
VY2224 14:25 (SVQ) Seville Scheduled
VY3211 14:35 (TFN) Tenerife North Scheduled
VY2287 14:40 (XRY) Jerez Scheduled
VY2112 14:50 (AGP) Malaga Scheduled
VY8021 14:50 (ORY) Paris Orly Scheduled
VY3511 15:10 (IBZ) Ibiza Scheduled
VY1703 15:20 (VGO) Vigo Scheduled
VY6006 15:20 (FLR) Florence Scheduled
VY3721 15:20 (MAH) Menorca Scheduled
VY3513 16:00 (IBZ) Ibiza Scheduled
VY2489 16:15 (EAS) San Sebastian Scheduled
VY2116 16:35 (AGP) Malaga Scheduled
VY3911 16:55 (PMI) Palma - Majorca Scheduled
VY3005 17:55 (LPA) Gran Canaria Las Palmas Scheduled
VY8655 18:10 (PRG) Prague Scheduled
VY3923 18:15 (PMI) Palma - Majorca Scheduled
VY1309 18:30 (ALC) Alicante Scheduled
VY1429 19:00 (BIO) Bilbao Scheduled
VY3215 19:05 (TFN) Tenerife North Scheduled
VY8017 19:30 (ORY) Paris Orly Scheduled
VY1678 19:30 (SCQ) Santiago de Compostela Scheduled
VY2120 19:30 (AGP) Malaga Scheduled
VY3709 19:30 (MAH) Menorca Scheduled
VY3701 20:05 (MAH) Menorca Scheduled
VY2217 20:20 (SVQ) Seville Scheduled
VY3517 20:20 (IBZ) Ibiza Scheduled
VY1573 20:40 (OVD) Asturias Scheduled